Procedures to Get the Best Out of Moringa Leaves

Published: 14th January 2011
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Moringa leaf powder can be incorporated into the diet in a multitude of ways. Whether you want to add the moringa leaf powder to your tea, beverages or sprinkling on food, it is always beneficial. It is also used in cooking or salads or used to make capsules. Incredibly for a substance with as many benefits, there arenít really any known side-effects for moringa leaves.

Using the moringa leaf powder
You donít have to plan using the moringa leaf powder in any given way as it is so flexible as far as use is concerned. Whether you want to sprinkle it in tea, food, or beverages, you are allowed to do so. In fact, you can place a tea spoonful of the moringa leaf powder under your tongue and wash it down later. You must ensure that you donít breathe in that powder.

Drying and grinding the moringa leaves before storage
It is quite possible to retain nutrients of the moringa leaves after grinding them into a powder and storing them well if it is done in the right way. One of the ways to dry the moringa leaves is by spreading them after cleaning, on a cloth inside a protected place. Some people also use hanging trays which are made with mosquito netting when you can spread the leaves on them. You can also hang the moringa leaves in bunches from a porch or roof using a string. This procedure is similar to the tobacco drying method. In fact, in this case, the leaves are left on the stem itself.

Once the leaves are well dried, these moringa leaves can be made into a powder by using mortar and pestle, burr leaves and local grain grinders.

With endless ways of storing the moringa leaf powder one can enjoy a lot of flexibility. High temperatures destroy some of the nutrients in the moringa leaf powder which is why it is better for the sake of its immense benefits to store in a cool place. It is good if you store them in an air-tight container that protects the powder from light, humidity and heat. Molds or mildews could start growing if the powder isnít dried well and stored. Moringa leaf powder when stored in the right manner can be used for as many as 6 months if it can be kept below 24 degrees Celsius.

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